Lightning FootballSouth Texas Lightning has four football teams this year and a cheer squad.  Last years teams were very successful and we are looking to carrying on a tradition of excellence on and off the field. 

Our players not only excelled on the field but in the classroom as well.  Over 20% of our players made the A honor role during the year and this year will be no exception.

This years teams are gearing up to have another successful gridiron campaign.  As the lightning crosses the skies in the speed of light striking anything in it's path so will our teams strike our opponents with lightning speed and precision. 

Our teams will begin these lightning strike's starting August 1 as players will report to their perspective teams to begin 10 hours of conditioning, which will give them the speed and agility needed to run around and past our opponents.  Then comes the 10 hours were each player will begin to test their manhood by learning the fundimentals of blocking, hitting and tackling, all in the spirit of team unitiy and sportsmanship.

After these 20 hours have been completed each team will refine and define their offensive and defensive make-up.  They will begin to prepair and scrimmage against themselves and other teams, which will make them ready to begin the season and also strike fear in the opposing teams as those teams learn what they will be up against.



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