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Dear Friends of the South Texas Lightning Pee Wee Football Team of the RGV Pop Warner League,

The stage has been set.

After a tough 12 to 7 loss to the McAllen Chargers to open the season, the South Texas Lightning Pee Wee Football Team rebounded with three straight wins to get back in contention for a league championship.  Lead by Defensive Coordinator Mark Leal, the Lightning Defense shut out the opposing team the past two games in a row. With three years of hard work getting the organization started, it would appear that ST Lightning Association Director Roger D Marcelino has assembled the right coaching staff at the right moment in time.

While the Lightning Offense started off strong and has improved somewhat, the Lightning Defense has made great strides in the right direction toward championship form. In the past two games, opposing teams have only been able to muster a total of 4 first downs.  With an existing multi-dimensional power running game balanced by a strong play-action passing attack and unique kicking game (only team in the league to kick PATs and field goals), the development of a stiff defense should prove invaluable to the Lightning.

The Chargers are a respected opponent with a premier running back and a strong defensive line-backing corps.  At last Saturday’s Lightning 14-0 victory over the formidable Mission Vipers, several Charger coaches and many players were in attendance to scout the game, witnessing a vastly improved Lightning team earn a tough win.  This Saturday’s game looks to be an electrifying match-up between possibly the two strongest teams in the league.

Championship implications are abound: A victory by the Chargers  will most likely secure a second straight championship for a quality organization; a victory by the Lightning puts them back on path toward changing the surge of power in the RGV Pop Warner League.

Come join us for an exciting evening of youth football. Bring friends and family. All are welcome.



Lightning PW have big Showing during Scrimmages PDF Print E-mail


South Texas Lightning PW squad had there first major scrimmage on Saturday August 29.  They went up against 3 teams, McAllen Chargers, Mission Vipers and Valley View Bengals. 

Offensively the team move the ball with relative ease, stumbling a few times, but with the ten plays that were given them they were able to score.

Defensively the team was very stout.  All 3 teams had problems moving the ball with any consistency.  Lightning tackler's continued to strike their opponent when there seem to be plenty of room to run. 

Saturday September 5 will be the season opener and Coach Rick Sunday has the team prepared.  According to Coach Sunday, the team is "right were he wants them to be", he is confident that his team will play well against McAllen Chargers.


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