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Qualifying Teams

These teams compete in at least six tournaments a year which include; Texas qualifier's, out of state qualifiers and or one to two day tournaments.  All decisions on tournaments entries are determined by STLV.

All Qualifying Team members must sign up with and ( if applicable) and will pay for these membership fees at the time they sign up.

All Qualifying Team members are required to abide by the stay to play policy for tournaments.  All team members must be housed at the same hotel.  Members not abiding by this rule will not be allowed to participate in such tournaments.

Note: Qualifying Teams that qualify and accept a national bid will have an added expense to pay for these National tournaments and additional coaching fees.  Teams that do not qualify for a national bid will have an option to attend the AAU national championships with additional program costs.  Teams must have all players committed in order to participate in an out of state tournament.  Fees do not include hotel accommodations, transportation of meals.

Club Teams

These teams are teams that do not compete in qualifying tournaments.  However, they will compete in highly competitive tournaments during the season.  They will participate in five tournaments a year in the San Antonio, Austin and Houston area.  There will be at least two 3 day tournaments and two 1 day tournaments.  All decisions on tournaments entries are determined by STLV.

All Club Teams members must sign up with and will pay for these membership fees at the time they sign up.


Fees are per player and help to pay coaches, tournament entry fees, uniforms, equipment and other expenditures.  Fees are for weekly practices and playing in tournaments only. All other items purchased by STLV through these fees and given to the players are at the discretion of STLV.  Fees do not include hotel accommodations, transportation or meals while at tournaments.


Practices will start for our 12-14u teams in late October and our High School teams in November. Club Teams will finish at the end of April or within the first two weeks of May depending on tournament schedules.  Qualifying Teams will finish with the Lone STAR Regional tournament.  If they receive a bid for Nationals or decide to play in the AAU tournament then the season will be extended to the end of June. Please see note above.

Tournament Schedules

Tournament schedules are posted on the website under teams and the age division they play with, so please check the website for tournament dates, times and venues.  Tournament times and venues will be posted on Wednesday or Thursday during the week of the tournament.


A $500.00 down payment is due at the time of registration. All other payments are due by the first of each month. Payments made after the fifth of each month will be charge a $25.00 late payment fee, and returned checks will be charged $35.00.

All Payments made to STLV are non-refundable. Non-payment could result in players non-participation in practices which, could result in limited or no playing time in tournaments.


All members are required to attend all practices and tournaments as schedule. The only excuse for missing practices or tournaments is documented illness or school sponsored events. All members are expected to be in attendance at the major tournaments including Lone Star Classic, Regional's and other showcase tournaments. Undocumented absences will affect members playing time. STLV reserves the right to make changes to their practice schedule or tournament schedule, in such cases all members will be notified.

Playing Time Philosophy:

Playing time for all players is equitable but not necessarily equal. Understandably, there will be players who demonstrate strengths in different areas and serve the team in different ways and roles. This alone will create different playing scenarios and playing time. All playing time received should be viewed as a learning opportunity and a chance to contribute to the team’s success.

Membership in STLV

All players and parents must understand that they are members of  STLV not necessarily members of a particular team. Players may be played on multiple or different teams during the course of the season at the discretion of STLV director to maximize playing time and talent for advancement of STLV.  Players should look at this as an opportunity to interact with other STLV Members and an opportunity to gain experience playing in different positions or roles.


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