South Texas Lightning was established in January of 2008 and praticipates in volleyball and Pop Warner football.  The Excutive Board has developed standards by which, the Excutive Board, coaches, players and all those who are involved with this program will maintain and follow.



 Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide leadership and guidance to coaches, players, parents and the community.  South Texas Lightning will hold to Christian principles with a high standard of ethical and moral character.  Maintain a professional and positive attitude towards those we play or come in contact with win or loose.


South Texas Lightning has a vision to help players be the very best they can be.  This can only be accomplished through our goals and objectives.  We are dedicated to teaching leadership, character, ethics and morality through our Christian principles.  Furthermore, we are committed to teaching the game of volleyball with skilled and dedicated coaching and teaching the game to our players, which will help them achieve their individual goals.


To understand the game of Volleyball.


1.  Understanding the rules of the game.  

2.  How to play the game.

With these two objectives players will understand the basics to the game.  Many times players think they know the game according to the rules and the different positions and rotations on the court, but really don't have the knowledge.  South Texas Lightning will teach these skills.  They will learn the rules and how to play the game.


Learn the skills to play the game.


1.  Skills training

2.  Practicing the skills

3.  Team play

There are several skills needed to play the game of volleyball.  We will teach serving, bumping, passing, digging, setting, attaching and blocking, etc.  These skills will be honed during practices, individually and during team play.   




To teach players how to work together, helping each other and being a team player.


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